Over 40 years of experience, specializing in wax injection molds for the investment casting industry as well as other types of molding, 3 thru 5 axis machining, solid model part design, reverse engineering, and more...

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Peterboro Tool Co., Inc. was founded in 1972 with the intent to supply the investment casting industry with the best tooling possible.

That goal has been established due to the close working relationships we have with our customers, as well as meeting critical delivery schedules, providing fair pricing and staying at the forefront of technology in regards to computer hardware and software and CNC equipment.

Our company has created molds for many industries including aerospace, firearm, industrial, medical, commercial, consumer and many others.  Tooling ranges in size, complexity and can be a simple manually operated single cavity mold, or an intricate, multi-cavity, totally automated mold, as seen to the right.  Whether the final part is miniature and straightforward, or large with complex surfaces and blends, we can handle it.

We look forward to forging a new relationship with your company and to help serve your needs no matter what project you may need assistance with.

Feel free to contact us anytime by phone, email, or fax.

Last updated 9/1/2014