Over 40 years of experience, specializing in wax injection molds for the investment casting industry as well as other types of molding, 3 thru 5 axis machining, solid model part design, reverse engineering, and more...

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We create our CNC programs with PowerMILL from Delcam.  This CAM software is capable of processing 3 thru 5 axis toolpaths, as well as supporting a host of high speed machining strategies.  With tighter tolerances and shorter lead times requested, we find that in order to stay ahead, it is important to have the best software and CNC machinery available.

CAD files are imported, and each individual die component has roughing, semi-roughing, and finishing toolpaths applied to it.  Checks are made for correct endmill sizes, clearance heights, tool length and toolholder collision. 

The final program is then processed on the screen, showing cutter motion, stock removal rates, and approximate cycle times.

It’s then coded, and sent through the network to the DNC computers.  With the DNC computers feeding the machines information as they need it,  we can operate 24 hours a day, lights out to finish your parts.

Last updated 9/1/2014